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This photograph is of Astrid was final evening’s roast pork dinner!

1. When did your child begin BLW?

A couple of week earlier than my daughter turned 6 months

2. What had been bub’s first meals?

Steamed vegetables- broccoli, carrot and beans

3. At what month did your child ‘actually’ begin to eat / swallow much more meals?

I’ve seen considerably that she is now beginning to actually eat at 9 months

4. When you may give one piece of recommendation to new mums/dads beginning out, what wouldn’t it be?

Don’t stress about how a lot or little your child is definitely consuming, some meals they may actually get into it and others they may play with and throw away, don’t put stress on your self or your child to eat a certain quantity simply allow them to discover and at some point they may simply abruptly begin actually consuming and swallowing meals with out gagging or fussing

5. Any setbacks ie allergy symptoms, intolerances, consuming regression?

No fortunately Astrid has had all allergy set off meals with none points, no regressions in the mean time both she has simply began consuming rather well

6. What age is your child now and is she/he a very good eater now? 

She’s going to very 9 months this week and has simply began to be actually desirous about truly chewing and swallowing her meals.