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These days we returned to Dr Mack for a adhere to up appointment to verify in on Sahil’s progress with peanut oral immunotherapy.  Sahil reached his upkeep dose of two peanuts in October 2017.  To place that in to viewpoint – he began with a dose equivalent to 1/1000th of a peanut in February 2017.

Given that October, Sahil has been consuming in between .five to two peanuts per day.  Even though his each day upkeep dose is two peanuts he had to drop down to .five peanuts for a lot of weeks at at time due to numerous respiratory illnesses in the course of the fall and winter season.

Just before beginning OIT, his IgE for peanut was &gt100 and for soy was 12.9.  Final week Sahil had a blood test to verify his existing IgE levels.  His peanut IgE is nevertheless &gt100 and his soy IgE is 10.   Since the lab does not report numbers more than 100 we did not know his actual IgE for peanut and can’t figure out if that worth has decreased given that beginning OIT.

At today’s appointment Sahil had skin prick tests (SPTs) for soy (S), peanut (P), adverse (-) and constructive (+) controls.  Even though he eats up to two peanuts a day the size of the wheal (red, raised location) is nevertheless important at 10 – 11mm.  The wheal size for the soy test was just beneath three mm.


Primarily based on the existing IgE level, SPT outcome and reaction history, Dr Mack stated Sahil can go ahead with an oral meals challenge for soy at our subsequent appointment.

Sahil eats two peanuts a day and a handful of tree nuts a handful of occasions a week.  At our subsequent appointment we will see if he can tolerate soy as well.

This OIT journey is moving us away from worry and towards greater living situations!