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Dear Gwyneth,

I ordered your vaginal egg from Goop but I’m not confident how to use it. Is there a how-to video for guys?

Just kidding. Hey there Ms. Paltrow. It is me once more. Gluten Dude. I wrote you way back in 2012 respectfully asking you to hush about your gluten-no cost diet as it tends to make it tougher for us celiacs to be taken seriously. Right here is a clip of what I mentioned (just to refresh your memory):

5 years ago when I was diagnosed with celiac illness, most had not heard of the illness and had no concept what gluten was (me incorporated). So if I was consuming out, I required to be really certain in my ordering due to the fact it was such an unknown to the common public. And due to the fact of that, I was taken really seriously. Chefs came out to speak with me. Waitresses asked a thousand inquiries to make confident I wouldn’t get sick. And when it was, and continues to be, a massive discomfort in the ass, it was treated as it must be…a unsafe auto-immune illness.

Now…things have changed. Gluten has gone mainstream. Some really feel that is a excellent factor. Much more publicity suggests far more merchandise, far more education, and so on, and so on. But now, when I attempt to clarify celiac illness, this is what I get: “Oh…that’s that gluten diet factor, suitable?” I just about really feel the will need to defend myself.

What you have carried out Gwyneth is you have minimized the seriousness of gluten to these who just can’t have it. Devote a virtual day with me. Is this what you go by way of on a each day basis? In all probability not.

And now right here we are in 2019 and you just can not enable oneself. In yesterday’s interview with the New York Instances, you have been asked “How is your considering about what item and service you propose evolving?”

Right here is what you so graciously stated:

“When we speak about one thing that is incendiary, I generally see in six months other men and women beginning to create about it, and 18 months later, firms popping up about it. It is generally confirmation to me that we’re on the suitable track. I imply, when I did my gluten-no cost cookbook in 2015, the press was super unfavorable and there have been private attacks about what I was feeding my youngsters and what sort of mother I am. Now the gluten-no cost marketplace is massive.”

Now Gwyneth…if I recall, you fed your youngsters gluten-no cost but also let them cheat and gave them Oreos due to the fact youngsters deserve treats.


Now I can go on and on (and I commonly do) but considering that you ignored me the 1st time about, how about we let an individual else deal with the reins this time. Please take 5 minutes out of your goop-filled day and study the following thread from a mom who has a kid with celiac illness:

Ok…that gets a severe slow clap.

Right after reading the above, do you nonetheless feel you must be taking credit?

Ok…I’m outta right here Gwyneth. It is time for my At Residence Coffee Enema, which I bought from your internet site. Hoping I do not burn myself.


Gluten Dude

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